Kate Hilliard
Art Therapy
Kate Hilliard
Post Grad Dip Art Therapy • BA Hons

Thoughts and feelings can be expressed using art materials, when words are difficult.

What is Art Therapy and How Does It Work?

With the support of the Art Therapist, positive changes can be made to how you feel about yourself, as well as the way you manage your emotions and behaviour.

Art Therapy is a form of Psychotherapy where clients are supported to use art materials as a means of expression and communication. Art is used to address a wide range of emotional issues which may be confusing and distressing.

Art materials and talking are used to help understand, express and work through painful, difficult and problematic thoughts and feelings. These can relate to many different life experiences, past or present.

Art Therapy doesn’t rely purely on discussion as its main method of communication or expression. As a result people may find it less intimidating or intense than a purely talking therapy.

Some clients find creating images makes them feel calmer. Others use the art materials to express emotions or describe issues that are difficult to talk about.

I was able to feel calmer and get used to my feelings – client

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